ARPS Assessment
Douglas Gregor
8th September 2010

Statement of Intent

I have long had an interest in Natural History which is the subject of the majority of the photographs I take and when the plight of the honey bee was headline news I started to look more closely at the varieties of pollinators visiting our garden. I became intrigued by their form and their behaviour and my interest spread to other insect life.
For this panel I illustrate these things that fascinate me about insects.
With one exception this is a macro panel: in the top row the moths were taken at half life size. For the remainder in the top row, the green shield bug nymph and the grasshopper were taken at life size and other two between two to three times life size. In the middle row all shots were taken at three times life size and in the bottom row at life size.
For nine of the photographs I used a lens-mounted twin flash for the foreground and a slave unit for the background. The remainder were taken with available light.