About The Photographer

I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember and was about eleven when I got my own camera.   Then about ten years later, to celebrate adulthood (it took longer in these says) I got my first 35mm SLR camera, a Minolta SR3 with a light meter mounted inext to the shutter button (I could not quite stretch to the SR7 with its built-in meter).  
So with my SR3 and the Ilfordd Manual of Photography by my side I was well-equipped.
I pottered happily for another ten years; photographing, developing and printing. &nbbsp; However, during that period I lost my dark room when our daughter came on the scene.   Luckily my camera club had dark room facilities, so life, photographically-speaking, continued normally for a short time - until family and a career grabbed more and more of my time.  Photographing was then limited to family shots and holidays.
Until, that is, I decided on early retirement, I then had more time for what I really wanted to do.
I also developed an interest in wildlife, particularly insects, and started to use my camera to examine these more detail, as my imagees will reveal.